Our range of products.

Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd. is the best source for animal feeds. At Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd., we have made top quality feed for over 10 years and we have become one of the leading regional feed supplier in the region.

The decision about your choice of feed supplier is arguably one of the most critical decisions you will make regarding your animals. It's the one factor that is certain to affect how an animal appears and ultimately thrives.

Quality feed is what Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd. has been creating for the past couple of years from its processing plant in Nakuru. 
Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd. manufactures a full-line of nutritional products including blocks, pellets, granules, grain mixes, and bird seed.

Dairy Feeds.
Dairy feeds and farming methods have greatly evolved over the last decade due scientific advancement. With this evolution feeding methods and practices have changed significantly. Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd has been responsive to the changes, working collaboratively with on farm nutritionists to design custom formulations. These include producing calf rations, lactating and dry cow supplements and minerals.
Milk Replacers
Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd distributes milk replacers for young animals who require healthy nutrition early in life - to lay the foundation for a vital existence and further activity. Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd seeks to provide quality nutrients for kids, lambs, foals, pigs, calves, puppies and kittens.

Poultry Feeds.
Currently Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd. manufactures a complete line of poultry feed - for layers and meat birds.

From hatch to production, poultry on Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd. are provided with a high plane of nutrition to increase egg weight and plumage with the least amount of input costs.

In fact, poultry feeds were among the very first products we sold. For fresh eggs to farm-raised chickens, our customers have always depended on us to provide products that would help ensure the health and well-being of their flocks. Through the years they've looked to Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd. for quality feeds, value, and of course, optimum production.

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