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Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd. is a manufacturing facility supplying its feed products to end users, feed stores and distributors across Kenya and into the larger East African and COMESA region. The company also sells its products in its own retail store (open to the public) located at the manufacturing plant on Printing House Road in the County of Nakuru. The retail store also carries complimentary animal health products/veterinary supplies, bird supplies, dog food, horse accessories, etc.

A wide variety of animal feeds are produced at the Nakuru Modern Feeds Ltd. plant under the brand name "Mod Plus". They include seven different horse mixes, four cattle mixes, and nine poultry mixes. We also manufacture feeds for other animals, two pig mixes, sheep and goat mixes, and two pet mixes - rabbit, and guinea pig. Other products offered are dog food, vaccines and remedies, plus household and garden items. Our clients stand testimony to our good quality of products & services at ....read more

Dairy Feeds.
Dairy feeds and farming methods have greatly evolved over the last decade due scientific advancement. With this evolution feeding methods and practices have changed significantly.

Poultry Feeds.
Currently Naku Modern Feeds Ltd. manufactures a complete line of poultry feed - for layers and meat birds from hatch to production.

More than a flour milling .
We are the synergy of people, products and performance, building on a proud past and driven to achieve ever-greater plateaus of success as we shape our future..Sustainable agriculture for sustainable development.
The word "flour" is originally a variant of the word "flower." Both derive from the old French fleur or flour, which had the literal meaning "blossom," and a figurative meaning "the finest." The phrase "fleur de farine'" meant "the finest part of the meal,".
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